Fix ‘discord Netflix Black Screen’

But some streamers have recently complained about seeing just a black while starting the screen on their streams. If you are also trying to share your screen and seeing just a black screen, follow these easy instructions to solve this problem. Users say that mostly Discord errors and discord stream game black screen are due to ‘Using latest technology’ option enabled windows 7 not updating after install in discord. Furthermore, if you have a low-spec computer, then you should close applications that are not used when sharing your screen on Discord. Multiple programs running at the same time may prevent Discord from running correctly. If none of the solutions have fixed your issue then there’s a chance that your Discord files were corrupted or damaged. The only solution to that is to reinstall Discord and try the screen sharing again.

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Clearing the roaming data for Discord can effectively resolve the issue. This has been our guide on how to screen share using Discord. A window will appear asking you to select what it is you wish to share. Discord Screen Share gives you the option to either share a specific application you have open, or alternatively your entire screen. If they are not run by the same GPU, issues like screen flickering will surface. In order to force your PC to use the same GPU, you will have to navigate to your graphics card settings.


If you want your computer to run smoothly, it is essential that your hardware drivers are up to date. The manual search for the correct and latest drivers, however, is a time consuming activity. It is a simple and user-friendly tool that automatically finds and installs the correct drivers on your computer. Once you clicked on Get Driver button it present you with the list of device drivers.

Fix 3: Logged On Another Pc And Steam Voice Chat Wont Work

You will get a “Windows has successfully updated your drivers” message. Paste the address of the file we copied earlier inside the search box and press Next. Press the first letter of your current driver name, here Press G repeatedly until you find the one you required. Right-click on the driver we downloaded and options will open. This will open a window “Create a system restore point”.

Can You Screen Share A Netflix Movie On Discord?

This method has the same procedure as the snipping tool, but it is more reliable and accurate. You can screenshot on Toshiba laptop in full screen or customized region. There are 4 screen capturing modes including Free-form snip, Rectangular snip, Window snip or Full-screen snip. At present, you can get 3 methods to take a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop including screenshot shortcuts, Snipping Tool and third-party Toshiba screenshot software.

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